[Rule] Using KDE desktop in computers with 32mb of RAM

Rene Sacramento reneduani at yahoo.com.br
Mon Nov 19 00:50:02 EET 2007

Here is an brazilian article that some of you may find
interesting. It is an how-to make an whole desktop
with X and KDE use only 22mb of ram. Yeah, some things
are extreme, but consider it as an proof-of-concept.
If it is possible this much, why not an realy usable
desktop for 96mb RAM computers? (128mb - 32mb of
onboard video. Most new computers sold in Brazil in
2005, and in an lesser extent in 2006, are like that)

I'm not going to translate it all, so I leave you with
an funny google translation:


I hope that we can do the same, or better KDE4 + Qt4.

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