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An email to UNESCO officer

(this is an email I sent to some UNESCO officers in March 2003 to know if they were already doing something similar)


The RULE project is a volunteer, non-profit effort aiming to provide schools in developing countries with modern software which is not only “Free as in free speech” but also free because it will run on the old,
very limited computers which are normally the only ones available in such situations. Our goal is to give to all students the possibility to learn information technology, use the Internet and study any other subject with modern, mainstream Free Software.

We are not developing some new, niche product reserved to experienced programmers, but configuring the very well known Red Hat Linux distribution, for which there is plenty of ready to use applications,
as well as documentation in many languages, so that it will work even on obsolete, donated hardware. To know more about the goals and details of the RULE project, please read A Modern, Low Resources Linux Distribution and All the Real Reasons Why We Need It and then our webpages, or contact me directly: I’ll be happy to provide you any additional information you might need, or to discuss how RULE can help Unesco to
achieve its goals.

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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