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A RULE home desktop

This screenshot, taken by Marco on an almost vanilla Red Hat 8.0 system, shows a first mix of lean and mean, yet feature full applications suitable for RULE users. The hardware is a K6-2 350 MHz with 128 MB of RAM. Clockwise from top left corner we have:

  • Window manager: Blackbox 0.65 from
  • Graphic browsing inside an Xterm! Courtesy of w3m (both the browser and Xterm from stock RH 8.0 RPMs)
  • The Rox file manager: proper icons for each file type, images thumbnails, double-click file opening and much more
  • a Graphic screenshot tool: a 23 lines Bash script (see the RULE SW database ) using Xdialog
  • Root menu: who needs icons? Please note the mount/unmount entries for floppies and CDs (and, yes, the “browsing” and “email” entries instead of explicit program names are just like in Bluecurve, and for the same reasons
  • System Monitoring: Gkrellm reporting status of hardware, interfaces and mailbox
RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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