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Web browsing, email and other modern features in Gnu/Linux at a small price

(This screenshot and the comments are courtesy of T. Sutinen)

The apps are running on the P75/16MB/810MB laptop I entered in the database, and the screenshot was taken with scrot 0.6 from It is a command line screen capture program. Really neat.

The Window Manager is ICEwm 1.2.5. The RPM comes from icewm’s repository on SourceForge. Applications icons (buttons from the left on icewm toolbar) are:

  • Xterm
  • Dillo: Superfast web browser, but lacks ftp & ssl support
  • Links2: graphical browser (relatively fast, renders most sites well), works with my online banking sites. compiled from sources. Version is 2.1pre7. Here it was compiled with javascript, svga, openssl & X support
  • W3M: text browser with graphics: faster than Links2, but not quite as compatible with web sites
  • Yahoo Messenger: from Yahoo
  • Sylpheed: very good e-mail IMAP4 client, and fast
  • ROX: file manager
  • ABS spreadsheet
  • Ted Word Processor installed from RPM

All of the programs work very well with the P75/16MB/810MB laptop. I also tried the Opera browser – they advertise it being fast and lean – NOT so. Opera takes over 3 minutes to get running and when running, it is completely unuseable due to it being so slow. Dillo is absolutely phenomenal speedwise. W3M is very good and Links2 is good speedwise.

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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