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How to contribute to the RULE web site

The RULE project needs both original contributions and translations. Everything explaining how to install and configure Red Hat on low end machines and old hardware is welcome. The same applies to distribution independent tips and tricks for specific applications: which program is the least memory hungry for a certain task? Which one requires less extra software? How do you configure it to run faster? Please tell us!

Ideally, it would be great to have every page in the RULE web available in any language. Practically, what is needed is to translate the “non technical” pages (home, news, FAQ…) first. This is because it is important that non programmers (school principals, non profit organizations, etc…) know as soon as possible that RULE exists.

One time contributions, from whole web pages to reports of typos, broken links, actual errors and so on, can be sent directly in ASCII format to Marco. If you wish to be a regular translator or contributor instead, you must request registration at the same address above. The new RULE Content Management System, SPIP, supports multilingual sites. Regardless of the language, it also has a very simple markup scheme. Every contribution of a whole page, be it a translation, a complete rewrite or an entirely new document, must be formatted according to those quidelines.

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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