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MCG: Central configuration of all mail tools

Sometime in 2002, even before starting RULE, I (Marco) grew sick of setting options about the same email parameter, but with two different names in two different files, and of trying to keep those two files in sync. It’s always the same thing, email management, why should I configure things twice? Namely, I wanted to declare mailing lists folders and other parameters only once, and then have that setting loaded both by procmail and mutt, which I used and still use to filter and read email. This is why I came together with a simple script, MCG (the eMail Configuration Generator), which would read one text file and generate .procmailrc and .muttrc with coherent settings.

When we started RULE, I put MCG on that website because I didn’t have a personal web space and MCG matched very well the RULE philosophy anyway. However, unlike any other software on the old RULE website, MCG wasn’t developed for RULE or influenced by it. Since today (october 2010) I do have a website just for all kinds of Free Software tips and tricks, I have put MCG there.

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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