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RULE: how to remove unneeded localization files?

I have noticed that several RPM packages happily ignore the language chosen at install time, and put on disk whatever locale their maintainers were able to collect. For example, the gkrellm RPM installs (on an English-only system):


and CUPS (the UNIX print management system):


Even funnier is the fact that some files are not locales at all: look at /usr/share/locale/be/cups_be, for example: plain English.

Can you signal other RPMs that behave in the same way, i.e. that install *all* the locale files they contain regardless of the system default? Maybe we could put together a list, and then signal this issue to the respective maintainers.

In general, it would be great if all RPM included install instruction checking which language is used, and not installing files for other languages. Any suggestion about this?

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