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RULE: RULE-based vum:BOX goes into final test

RULE-based vum:BOX will be tested from Frank Tenday Luaba, project-coordinator from “congo:deux”. After weeks of a very fruitful cooperation between VUM and RULE, we are now in the stage, where a “should-work-ISO” was delivered to one of the target-users, in order to put hands on it. Frank Tenday Luaba is the coordinator of the upcoming project congo:deux in Kinshasa/DRC. The roleout will take place in September 2003 in 4 schools.

Presently he prepares some of the collected hardware in his headquarter in Vienna with the so called vum:BOX. Based on the Slinky-ISO (Version 0.3.95) from RULE, this package contains a small but up to date version of RedHat Linux Version 9, the most recent versions of Abiword, OpenOffice and Acrobat Reader.

According to Luaba: “This first experience with a ruleified system points out that this BOX will allow you to perform all standard computing tasks. And by this, it will allow people to communicate and exchange information across borders and long distances. It will enable them to help themselves and to pass their skills onto others. We are very thankful to the OpenSource Community and especially to the people from The Rule Project.”

Here are some pictures from the first installation, as well as some screenshots. At VUM you may learn more about VUM and the Project congo:deux. The vum:BOX ISO used to be available for download at

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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