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What can you do with RULE?

The short answer is that with RULE even relative Linux newcomers should be able to install and set up, with little effort, (Red Hat) Linux on computers on which the standard Red Hat install procedure would never work, because of RAM or disk space constraints. What is even more important, however, is that RULE will also make much easier to have all and only the packages needed to perform the tasks you want, at the lowest possible price (as far as RAM and disk space are concerned), and preconfigure them all much better than an usual RPM install can do.

The long answer

RULE will provide a basic platform that every school or other organization can build on to create its own custom “lightweight Free desktop”, by adding logo, extra programs, support for specific languages, and so on if they so wish, just like [VUM->] already did successfully with the vum:BOX in Congo.

For system administrators

RULE will provide an install option which gives, in a lot of space less than the Red Hat or Fedora Core “basic” install, all that is needed to run a print/web/email/ftp/etc.. server securely and with the same versions of the same packages coming from standard RPMs. To facilitate recycling of older PCs as low load servers, RULE will also repackage, to reduce dependencies, some software without the options which usually need a powerful machine anyway (an example may be cyrus-sasl support for email servers used only by a score of people)

For desktop users

RULE will make it possible to do many normal tasks (surf the web, email, text processing) in a modern way (for example email with latest GPG and IMAP support) but without the bloat unavoidable with default desktops. This means, in the most extreme cases, relying only on console applications: lightweight GUI applications will be provided, however, to be used when hardware allows it.

What is even more important, however, is that RULE will help in configuring these applications. At the end of the install procedure, the RULE installer will add to each user’s home directory, advanced rc files for email client, browser, text processor, etc.. In this way even unexperienced users will have from the first login (and without messing up the central configuration files installed by rpm) everything configured to work together for maximum functionality (for example the browser already set up to call mutt on mailto: links, or mutt set up to launch the browser on URLs).

RULE is not only for older hardware!

Please note that none of the use cases above is limited to older computers: even if you have the latest and greatest hardware, a RULE install means less packages to maintain and less security holes worrying you. Furthermore, since RULE is based as much as possible on standard, current Red Hat or Fedora packages, nothing prevents the user from installing with RULE, ie to start in the cleanest and meanest possible way, and then add all and only the wanted, standard RPMs found in the usual online repositories!

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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