[RULE] Abiword 2

Marco Fioretti m.fioretti at inwind.it
Wed Jan 7 00:42:45 EET 2004

> Hi all,
> just tried to install Abiword 2 on a Slinky 0.3.97 installed system. It 
> has the dependencies as follows:

> The total byts neded by the above packages is 40 MB!!
> After this still: Failed dependencies:... I can not find libfribidi anywhere ... libnautilus.so.2


A couple of months ago I tried to do the very same thing: I wanted to re-package
in RPM format Abiword 2 for RULE, ie with the smallest possible set of dependencies.

I found it to be a, shall we say, interesting task: part of the problem is that there is
not much awareness of RULE-like issues (*real* world desktop use of really low
power HW) among the abiword developers, and not that much time or interest
among them and Red Hat developers to package it outside Gnome.

You will find tracks of my unsuccessful attempts in the archives of the abidword developers list.
I had to stop due to lack of time.

I would also forward to you some messages I exchanged with RH/Abi hackers about this
if my PC weren't currently packed in cardboard, and under three other rows of boxes...

My move isn't finished yet, so don't expect any feedback from me for another couple
of weeks :-( I don't even know how I found time to write this.

I hope that reading those archives you'll have more luck than me. You might want to
temporarily subscribe to the abiword developers list and re-ask for help as I did: the
*real* obstacle is not this or that library, but, once more, the awareness that really lightweight
desktop sw is really needed and should be developed/made much easier to use.

Marco Fioretti

PS: I also know about the savannah problem, I received a message in december saying
that they were having serious problems on their side (savannahs server configuration/restore, IIRC)
Until I go back to normal life and contact them, I'm afraid that the links will remain dead.

Back to packing, mounting shelves, finding plumbers....

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