Ingo Lantschner ingo.lists at vum.at
Wed Mar 31 14:47:58 EEST 2004

Thanks Marco for your fast reply!

Quoting Marco Fioretti <m.fioretti at inwind.it>:

> I'd check if:
> 1)    xdm exists on those boxes. On my RH9 here it is:/usr/X11R6/bin/xdm
# ll /usr/X11R6/bin/xdm
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root       108312 fév 27  2003 /usr/X11R6/bin/xdm
So I tink this ok.

> 2)   it is compatible with tinyX, if you are using that
aeh, moment: I switched to XFree86 using /root/scripts/restoreX provided by 
slinky. Is there a special xdm for XFree?

And now the most challangeing part ....
> 3)   if access permissions to X are set. See this, epsecially the xhost part,
> copied
>       from a Google search result:
> >
> >Sounds like you are trying to access X as a non-authorised user.
> >The only time I ever see those lines is when I have done "su" in a shell
> >and then attempt to run a program.
> >If this is the problem, then make sure you are the correct user (i.e. the
> >one you originally did startx with or logged in on a graphical login manager
> >with)If not, then try "xhost +" first.
So, I am logged in at the Server (LTS) as user "eleve". The login was 
non-graphical, so for my understandding w/o xdm. Then I startx still beeing 
eleve - no problem.

Then I boot an other PC which connects somehow to the LTS (using the floppy from 
LTSP); this gives me graphical login where I login as user u1. Immediatly after 
login I fall back to the loginscreen again. This produces the already posted .
xsession-error-file. In messages I can read:
   Mar 31 13:38:24 vumbox02 xdm(pam_unix)[4416]: session opened for user u1 by 
   Mar 31 13:38:25 vumbox02 xdm(pam_unix)[4416]: session closed for user u1
   mar 31 13:38:25 vumbox02 su(pam_unix)[4463]: session opened for user nobody 
by (uid=0)
   mar 31 13:38:25 vumbox02 su(pam_unix)[4463]: session closed for user nobody

> Did you give a name (/etc/hostname???) to your computer ?

hmh, this hostname did not exist - I just creqated it, with the only content of 
the hostname, not a single character more.

> What is in your .xsession file ?
   # This is the $HOME/.xsession file for the kiosk user.
   xset s off &
   /usr/bin/icewm &

Also to mention: I tried "xhost +" and Xaccess has a * somewhere on top of a 
line (no spaces before). Also the LTS is in runlevel 5 - no difference.

So may be I should clearly specify what I am looking for:

How to enable a graphical login for *local* users on Slinky installed RedHat 9  
- this may help to track down the problem.

Also strange: The system is in runlevel 5, but I had to startx manually and did 
not pe prompted by xdm for login.

Thanks in the meantime, Ingo.

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