[RULE] Suggestions for future slinkys

M. Fioretti m.fioretti at inwind.it
Thu Apr 1 00:50:23 EEST 2004


following is a list of notes/comments/suggestions/maybe bugs to
consider for the next releases. They come part from my notes during
the last install and part (the last two) as specific requests from the
guys in Tuscany. Any comment is appreciated.

1) when (tiny)X starts, it signals a hostname lookup failure

2) exiting from ICEwm doesn't go back to the shell prompt. To
reuse/shutdown the machine I have to reboot/shutdown as root from an
xterm inside Icewm

3) the route command gives one route to/through . Why?

4) Can we add the option to install RH up2date, or in any case some
   graphic frontend to update the whole system(resolving dependencies

5) The icewm menu is empty. This is a huge problem for newbies, who
   have no clues as to what the names of the right command for each
   tasks are.

The (really valid) points of the last two issues are that RULE will
hopefully fall in hands of non expert users even when there are no 3rd
party angels like VUM to make it friendlier. For this reason, and
because one of our major strenghts is that we are not a distribution,
but a new way to use an existing one, also updating the system with
standard packages should be made easier.

I confess my ignorance on both points, as I'm one of those twisted
guys who still use only the prompt both to upgrade and launch apps,
but the concerns are very valid (and the only ones expressed with an
otherwise very positive feeling about the project).

Any feedback is appreciated.


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