[RULE] Preparing RULE for FC2

Martin Stricker shugal at gmx.de
Wed May 12 20:50:33 EEST 2004

"Rodolfo J. Paiz" wrote:

> I'll need to get up to speed on all this "soon" but I fear that it
> will easily be June before I can get my head above water.

For me it'll be July or August when I can spare time (that is, if my
company cannot get some new projects).

> Allow me to suggest just a few requirements for mirrors (feel free to
> take the suggestion or not):
>          1. Mirror the entire site, with downloads and everything

Absolutely. There isn't much more annying than using a mirror, and then
the piece you are looking for isn't mirrored.

>          2. Synchronize at least once a day, preferably more (if no
> changes have been made, the extra syncs will carry no traffic and
> thus causes no additional load)

Do you expect that many critical changes? I think once a day is
absolutely sufficient. I would even go with every other day.

>          3. Subscribe to this list or to another just for site and
> mirror admins. I suggest a second list (which will have *very* low
> traffic) so that hosting-specific subjects can be discussed without
> bothering the rest of this community, but whatever you all prefer is
> fine. The point is to have the mirror admins be reachable.

There is a rule-www list (which hasn't seen any traffic for ages). I'ds
suggest to use that.

>          4. Register the URL and a contact email address with Marco
> so it gets put on the website and is easily accessible.
> If these few points are followed, a lot of the problems inherent in
> mirroring a site will go away, and really they are all extremely
> easy to do.

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