[RULE] New Memeber!- Finding Red Hat Versions

David Jamison david.jamison1 at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 9 14:49:06 EEST 2004


David from Belfast, Ireland here.  Just joined list today. 

I use Mandrake as distro of choice now principally because I couldnt get 
RH 9.2 to load at the time due to lack of memroy (!) One point I was 
wondering about is as far as I can see the Red Hat site will only 
provides downloads of  RH Enterprise or RH Fedora.  It looks to me that 
Fedora comes as four 100Mb ISO's .  For someone  that has low bandwidth 
or no cd burner  etc does actually aqquiring  RH not become an issue? 
Can RH v 7/8/9 be found anywhere else on the internet for download?  Is 
there (or could there) be a way  of fitting the main RH comonents onto 
one CD? In additon can RH be installed via boot floopy and then 
downloaded as say Debian can.

I guess what im saying here is should some attention be give by the RULE 
project to actually getting Linux up and running before figuring out 
what to install on it?  Is it better to look for the older versions of 
RH or stick with trying to "slim down" Fedora?



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