[RULE] New Memeber!- Finding Red Hat Versions

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Wed Jun 9 15:47:19 EEST 2004

On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 12:49:06 PM +0100, David Jamison
 david.jamison1 at ntlworld.com  wrote: 
> Hi,
> David from Belfast, Ireland here.  Just joined list today. 

Welcome David!

> I use Mandrake as distro of choice now principally because I couldnt get 
> RH 9.2 to load at the time due to lack of memroy (!) One point I was 
> wondering about is as far as I can see the Red Hat site will only 
> provides downloads of  RH Enterprise or RH Fedora.

Last time I checked they still had ISOs for the latest versions, when
did this change?

> I guess what im saying here is should some attention be give by the
> RULE project to actually getting Linux up and running before
> figuring out what to install on it?

Getting it up and running means to start a new distribution or find
another way to install what already exists. RULE does the second,
hence you need other CDs to work on.

> Is it better to look for the older versions of RH or stick with
> trying to "slim down" Fedora?

Bandwidth wise it's the same, isn't it? You need to download/find a
lot of bytes anyway. RULE mission is to stay current, so we have today
Red Hat 9 installer, but want to go to Fedora Core 2.

To help people without bandwidth to get CDs, we suggest the RULE


PLease consider to join, or ask some LUG/whoever in your area with
broadband to do it

	Marco Fioretti

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