[RULE] gd, xpm, and X libraries: need a second opinion

Martin Stricker shugal at gmx.de
Tue Jul 6 22:07:04 EEST 2004

Paul Nijjar wrote:

>       Do SRPMs come with specfiles? If so, then all you would need to
> track is the specfile. Every time RedHat (or whomever) came up with a
> new version of the package (which corrected errata or whatever) then
> you could build the package using the new specfile.

Yes they do - otherwise rpm -b wouldn't make much sense...
I think that is the most easy way of removing unneeded dependencies. Red
Hat won't do it - I complained back at RHL7.0 (I think) about them
having dropped the emacs-nox package. Furthermore all their
redhat-config-* tools require X - it's quite difficult to install and
maintain a Red Hat server without X. I hate it... I'm more and more
considering Debian instead - if it weren't for their attitude...

> > ...it occurs to me at this point that the entire premise of posting
> > here assumes that folks here agree it's worth worrying about
> > eliminating a dependance on X libraries.  dunno if that's the case.
>         I can't speak for anybody else, but reducing dependencies on
> components I don't need is a huge consideration for me. Many simple
> graphical packages I want depend on GNOME or KDE when they don't
> really need to.

Agreed absolutely!

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