[RULE] APT, YUM or URPMI on RULE, was: Mini-KDE

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Wed Jul 21 10:30:00 EEST 2004

On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 21:03:26 PM +0100, david jamison
 david.jamison1 at ntlworld.com  wrote:

> >apt or equivalent should be installable with RULE, but until we or
> >somebody else find the way to create alternate, light repositories,
> >they just let in from the back entrance the problem we kicked out
> >giving up anaconda: bloated packages and, shall we say, over/ill
> >conceived dependency. That's why I came up with the mini-kde thing:
> >try to figure out how to make an rpm set with less dependencies.
> >
> This was really why I posted my query originally! Liams suggestion
> of APT etc is obviously a way forward but given the "brief" for RULE
> I wasnt so sure that it was valid if only from the standpoint of
> having to install something to install what was originally wanted!
> Therefore a question here would be is there any way of at least
> having APT (et al) list out what it intends to install to permit
> choice? Im always wary of automatic update type things due to this
> loss of control!

I'm sure there is, but haven't figured out myself yet. Part of my
problems with this is simply that, due to lack of extra PCs and work
reasons, I haven't had yet the possibility to install FC2 on my two
PCs: I have paid stuff to finish, which requires RH9, before I can
stop and start everything from scratch.

Either way, the only way to figure this out is to go in incremental
steps, starting from existing, already tested RPMs: so I'd say (w.r.t
mini-KDE today, but a general criterion), let's use standard Qt and
all its implied baggage, and trim *kde* stuff until it installs only
the *applications* we need. Then we can start a second optimization

Another reason to focus for now only on the kde-base/kdelibs area,
leaving Qt alone, is that this also guarantees that, if you need only:

       KOffice from RULE, plus
       just one other custom application built on standard Qt

that the result will surely work.


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