[RULE] APT, YUM or URPMI on RULE, was: Mini-KDE

Martin Stricker shugal at gmx.de
Wed Jul 21 22:48:51 EEST 2004

Liam Proven wrote:
> M. Fioretti wrote:
> > ...if you just do this with the standard repositories on an old
> > computer you are toast: the hard drive will be filled up in one
> > nanosecond by unneeded or generally bloated stuff, from locales for
> > all the languages you'll never speak to plugins for every database
> > known to man...
> Ah, yes, OK, good point.
> I have not yet put this to the test, but I think that this is a
> weakness of the way that RPMs are built. APT-RPM uses information
> that's already in RPM packages to work out which ones it needs to
> get, but RPMs aren't built with that in mind, so often, APT needs to
> install a big RPM containing lots of stuff to get one supporting
> library that happens to be in there.

I wouldn't blame the package format for this (though .deb has its
advantages) but the packager. You can package each library on its own in
both package format, and you can package a whole bunch of stuff in one
package in both formats. It just happens that in this case the Debian
guys to the right thing.

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