Alternatives to Fedora Core, was: [RULE] APT, YUM...

Ingo Lantschner ingo.lists at
Sat Jul 31 01:10:31 EEST 2004

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 22:39:12 +0200, M. Fioretti <mfioretti>  

> Maybe this wouldn't be a problem. What happened with the vum:BOX is
> that we provided only the installer and the *base* system (a working
> demo, if you will), and then *they* built their "mini-distro".
As Marco wrote, we took the RULE-provided installer (Slinky) and the 3  
Redhat 9 CD-ROMs and selected some of its packages (RPMs) for  
"postinstall". (By adding one scripts to the well prepared slinky-script).  
If this is already a "distro", well, than we have created a distro :-)
(What we should not forget, that also some non-rpms were added: OpenOffice  
and Acrobat Reader f.e.)

If RULE can continue with this aproach in the future, we will be very  
happy and thankfull; also we should not forget to try to include the  
thanks-to-RULE newly connected Linux-Users - but this I see as my task,  
please be patient, it takes its time to bring the people to the list, ...  
But I see new man-power comeing.

Regarding Distributions: I do not have experience with Fedora now, neither  
with Debian. So technically I can not contribute to that discussion. But I  
see at the example of Redhat that company-based distributions are not as  
stable (not technically but from their continuity and in terms of  
calculability or predictable) as community-based. For this reason I would  
prefere f.e. Debian.

Regards, Ingo.

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