[RULE] On to test new slinky disks for Fedora Core

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Thu Sep 9 07:02:01 EEST 2004

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 01:20:33 AM +0200, Franz Zahaurek  fzk at fzk.at  wrote:
> Please take a look at: http://www.fzk.at/SLINKY/
> Locally I used CVS to track the changes I made. These are based on
> slinky v0.3.97b-vumbox which I got from Ingo. Basicly I changed
> setup.sh, the messages at the slinky-boot, a new kernel, busybox and
> added one messagebox with dialog to see if it works.
> *) everything put together as disk1 and disk2 can be found at:
> http://www.fzk.at/SLINKY/slinky-fzk01-disk1.img and
> http://www.fzk.at/SLINKY/slinky-fzk01-disk2.img

Michael, Franz and all,

As previously mentioned, I have been invited to present RULE at the
first Italian Linux World Expo. Using this I've been able to force
myself to finish other things I had to do, to leave time for RULE (the
thought of embarassing yourself in public is one powerful

The end result is that I have downloaded the two image disks above,
and restarted to study all the existing RULE and relevant Fedora stuff
to do as much as I can to show up at the expo (sept 22-24) with a
working RULE/Fedora Core 2 laptop.

I can do everything myself (figure out dependencies, recompiles stuff,
install X, KOffice, whatever) once I have a box which boots with the
FC2 versions of kernel, system libraries bash and rpm: no postfix or
other servers, etc.

As far as slinky is concerned, I can (at least at the beginning), only
test what you throw at me. Hope to learn more as I go along. But will
run and report immediately the new versions. All they need is to
install the functionalities said above from local cdrom and/or
ethernet. My desktop is running FC2 and can be the server for
nfs/ftp/http install.

Will come back with more specific questions later. Franz, do the disks
above work for FC2?


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