[RULE] slinky-0.4.05 with minimal package list and pcmcia

Franz Zahaurek fzk at fzk.at
Thu Nov 4 01:56:08 EET 2004

Hi all,

see http://www.fzk.at/SLINKY/ to try the RULE slinky installer for
Fedora FC3-test3.  It is based on a minimal set of rpm-packages as
suggested by Rodolfo J. Paiz at this mailing-list.  Installation of
documentation is optional.

It also includes support for PCMCIA-network-devices and is upgraded
to the latest kernel 2.6.9.

Unfortunately I could not test PCMCIA, as my Intel EtherExpress
PRO/100 Mobile Adapter allways switches the interface to 100Mbps when
I do ifconfig - which is 10 times to fast for the rest of my network.

Pls report your testing-experience.

- Franz
Franz Zahaurek                        fzk at fzk.at
Gymnasiumstr. 26/7                    http://www.fzk.at
1180 Wien

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