[Rule] [RULE] what's next?

chris at idlelion.net chris at idlelion.net
Wed Aug 22 18:08:46 EEST 2007


Sorry to top post, but for some reason Pine isn't quoting Rule Project 
mailings properly. Not sure how to fix that.

I tried to get an account on the site, got an introductory e-mail, but I 
cannot log on. It says my account is blocked.

As for things to do, installing FC5 doesn't exactly seem "up to date" to 
me, especially with F8T1 already out. I know it would be a ton of work up 
front, but might it make more sense to base RULE on a more stable platform 
like RHEL or CentOS?

If not, is it helpful for me to try to use what's in place for making 
newer versions of the installer, or would I be wasting time?

I'm happy to HTML-ize text files for uploading, and do some editing if 
desired, once my account works.


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