[Rule] what's next?

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Wed Aug 22 18:22:16 EEST 2007

On Wed, August 22, 2007 5:08 pm, chris at idlelion.net wrote:
> ...my account is blocked.

This is normal, I have to enable it first and will do it tonight from home.
> As for things to do, installing FC5 doesn't exactly seem "up to date" to
> me, especially with F8T1 already out. I know it would be a ton of work up
> front, but might it make more sense to base RULE on a more stable platform
> like RHEL or CentOS?

The "mission" of RULE is to provide the means to use already packaged and
modern desktop software on limited hardware. This, and historical reasons
not relevant now, is why RULE is based on Fedora. Centos, RHEL, or other
distros which are conceived with a much longer release cycle don't match
this profile that well.

According to the "mission", yes, we should be working on FC8 test right
now, so the first thing to do is to restart to release slinky for each new
version of Fedora. The problems is simply that, due to lack of time and
other things, we simply stopped at FC5...

> is it helpful for me to try to use what's in place for making
> newer versions of the installer

You mean starting to port slinky for FC5 to FC8 testing? Nothing would
make me happier, as far as RULE is concerned. Tons of thanks in advance
if you can do that. With respect to this:

> I'm happy to HTML-ize text files for uploading, and do some editing if
> desired, once my account works.

the main reason for it is to make it as easy as possible to you or any
other new member to pick up and/or customize slinky for their needs. My
goal/hope is to have in place as soon as possible on the website all the
documents that explain step by step slinky's architecture and how to do
build it from scratch.

Of course, if you feel that getting your hands dirty asap with porting
the FC5 code, rather than re-uploading existing outdated docs, is a
better way to end up with both slinky for FC8 _and_ current documentation
as said above... thank you in advance, again, for doing it!


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