[Rule] my two cents

Richard Kweskin rkwesk at hellug.gr
Wed Aug 22 19:43:07 EEST 2007

Hello all

This is Richard writing from Greece. We are expecting about 70 people from different places to arrive on the island of Crete for a week of fun and workshops September 2 through 9. If I had a version of a slinky script that worked with Fedora 7, I'd be happy to show it off, but I fear that there is too little time for any coder to come up with it by then.

Even with Fedora 5 our script only put on the basic packages and though I had tried to extrapolate from the package lists I had from Fedora 3 to get a gui up I failed to pin down the necessary newer packages.

Not being very good on the technical side myself, I have tried to find out where kdrive went and my best guess is that if one installs the appropriate minimum of xorg, using the vesa driver, then one has the "current version" of what we used to call kdrive. Can anyone here comment on this?

Apart from Fedora 7 I have tried to find a slinky sort of script or (by hand) way of getting a minimal install of Debian Etch. I have only succeeded so far in getting Debian on my old sony vaio (pentium 1 mmx with 64MB and no cd except an external pcmcia thing) by just copying over a virgin minimal Debian install from my network to its hd, booting with a floppy containing grub nad getting in that way.

It would be much more rule-like (and much cooler) if I had a floppy with a slinky for debian! Alas, I don't have the skills to produce it.


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