[Rule] my two cents

James Miller jamtat at mailsnare.net
Wed Aug 22 20:43:05 EEST 2007

On Wed, 22 Aug 2007, Richard Kweskin wrote:

> Apart from Fedora 7 I have tried to find a slinky sort of script or (by 
> hand) way of getting a minimal install of Debian Etch. I have only 
> succeeded so far in getting Debian on my old sony vaio (pentium 1 mmx 
> with 64MB and no cd except an external pcmcia thing) by just copying 
> over a virgin minimal Debian install from my network to its hd, booting 
> with a floppy containing grub nad getting in that way.

Would the floppy images on this page will help: 
? That boots you into a very basic system from which a netinstall can load 
everything else. That presumes an internet connection and, as you might 
guess, the faster the connection, the better. It's been 3 years or so 
since I've done a Debian instal starting with floppies, but I presume it 
still works as it used to. I think there might well be a way to specify an 
installation CD as the package repository, thereby overiding the 
netinstall's attempts to get all packages from the network.


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