[Rule] The minimum useful hardware

Arrigo Marchiori dido at quipo.it
Sun Sep 16 13:13:18 EEST 2007

Dear everybody,

I've been silently reading the latest threads; I've been quite busy in
these days (graduating and taking holidays ;-) but I was very curious
to see what you had to say about this project.

I think that on our web site we should have a page that clearly states
the minimum system requirements that the RULE project intends to
support. Something that can be used to easily and clearly state what
hardware is "old junk" and what is still usable, in the RULE project's

I guess that such a statement may need us to decide wether we want to
support Ubuntu, rather than Debian or Fedora, and this is a hot topic
now. But I'm not sure.

What do you think about this?

An idea to start from can be the Xubuntu system requirements:

CPU: 486 (?)
RAM: 64 MB
HD:  1.5 GB
CD-ROM reader (?)
FDD reader + network card (?)

I've seen this problem brought up in the past days, but I can't find
it any more; so, please forgive me if this information exists already
and I'm just wasting your time.

Arrigo Marchiori
E-Mail: dido at quipo.it
Mobile phone: +39 329 56 99 218

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