[Rule] The minimum useful hardware

Chris Schumann chris at idlelion.net
Sun Sep 16 17:09:28 EEST 2007

Arrigo Marchiori wrote:
> I think that on our web site we should have a page that clearly states
> the minimum system requirements that the RULE project intends to
> support. Something that can be used to easily and clearly state what
> hardware is "old junk" and what is still usable, in the RULE project's
> opinion.

I agree.

> I guess that such a statement may need us to decide wether we want to
> support Ubuntu, rather than Debian or Fedora, and this is a hot topic
> now. But I'm not sure.

Since Fedora does not make kernels for anything less than a Pentium, it 
seems like a decision is required.

> An idea to start from can be the Xubuntu system requirements:
> CPU: 486 (?)
> RAM: 64 MB
> HD:  1.5 GB
> CD-ROM reader (?)
>  or
> FDD reader + network card (?)

That is a great start. However, it knocks out one of my laptops because 
it can only have 36MB RAM. I know that should relegate it to a status of 
boat anchor if not for the hazardous substances. :)


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