[Rule] Debian vaiations

Richard Kweskin rkwesk at hellug.gr
Fri Sep 28 15:15:21 EEST 2007

On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 06:30:11 +0200
"C David Rigby" <c.david.rigby at gmail.com> wrote:

> Debian is rather minimal, but the standard installer's minimum base system
> is still a rather complete "unix-like" system. This is fine with me, but
> perhaps a single user, desktop system could do without some of the programs
> that are considered necessary for a multi-user *nix. Could it do without the
> mail server, for instance? The Debian base system checks in at just under
> 500 MB installed, and that is without X.org and various X-dependent desktop
> apps. By doing a base installation, then adding X.org (deselecting the "all
> drivers" option and including only the graphics and input drivers I actually
> have) and then adding icewm and firefox, I get a system that is around 700
> MB installed, IIRC.

Hello All

Another seemingly stalled but maybe useful source for us is Debian from scratch:


We could leave out a lot of "base debian" and possibly add our own choices from standard debian packages.

At the moment, using the standard debian install cd, one needs to:

	aptitude purge (or apt-get --purge remove)

unwanted packages before upgrading and installing anything else. Then one can claim a minimal system from Debian.


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