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News and opinions about RULE, June 2002

  • 2002/02/13, Linux Journal A Modern, Low Resources Linux Distribution and All the Real Reasons Why We Need It
  • RULE on Slashdot
  • RULE: Linux is not for hackers only anymore:
    • “I run a nonprofit computer training and access center in a low income community in Cleveland … since RULE is (about making) old systems usable for poor people, maybe some of us who struggle daily with this problem can help, even if we can’t write a lick of code … I’m interested in helping the project because we’d like to figure out how to make (486 and P60-100) more useful (right now they’re a step below our program standard&quot” -William M Callahan,
  • RULE for Open Source Schools:
    • “//Dear Marco… Your installer project looks reasonable and useful. How far along are you? …. We’d love to hear more about your plans, and iteachnet
RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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