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About using several virtual terminal during installation

As root, I typed:

  [root@ew486 root]# openvt
  [root@ew486 root]#

I switched to the next available terminal, but no bash. I think that this may be a good way of saving memory, because we only open the vt’s that we
need. What do you guys think? Sincerely, Eugene T.S. Wong

Eugene also said on the same topic: I’d run at least two initially, so that if something unexpected locks up the vt, there’s a spare to use for admin. I also notices the chvt command, and played around using it to switch to a console, and then back to X. Something like that might be a neat wrapper for console apps spawned from root menu. (pine,irc, etc.), but I can’t try it on this machine (fixed freq. monitor)

When told that the man page says:

         openvt  can  be used to start a shell on the next free VT,
         by using the command:

         openvt bash

         To start the shell as a login shell, use:

         openvt -l bash

Eugene answered that it didn’t work as described in the man page:

I had to use “openvt -sw”, without quotes, of course. I’m surprised at how little comment there has been about this idea for RULE. For what it’s worth, I’m happy running one console at boot up and then using “openvt -sw”. I’m sure that it saves time at boot up too.

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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