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RULE testing corner

The RULE project aims to have a complete, thoroughful testing program. The testing coordinator is Benoit Mortier, benoit mortier at opensides (dot) be. Please send any suggestion about how to improve the test procedure directly to him (cc copy to Marco).

How to participate

Even if you have no programming skills, you can help RULE development a lot if you have some obsolete computer available to play with. Just:

  • download the latest version of the RULE installers (for an explanation of what they are,read the docs
  • register your test computers by sending a form in ASCII format, to Benoit Mortier, see address above. If you are uncertain about what to put in some fields, just look in the docs for suggestions
  • try to install RULE following the install procedure instructions and report to Benoit any error/success/suggestions

As of 2002/03/23 the testing farm consists of:

  • 11 – Pentium I – Diverse desktop and portables
  • 7 – 486 – Diverse desktop and portables
  • 1 – Athlon – desktop

Their characteristics are reported in a separate page. Obviously, the more the better: any hardware, be it powerful or very old, is interesting, expecially if it represents some unusual combination of CPU/Motherboard/hard disk… You are also encouraged both to browse the list above, to get an idea of what RULE can run on, and to contact owners of PCs like yours if you have installation problems.

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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