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Base install package list for the RULE project

the notes below are referred to Red Hat, but are still usable as starting point. Eventually, this should take advantage of the work made for the Fedora Barebone server Howto

The following lists is the starting subset of official Fedora base package list which we (RULE) have decided to remove. Some of the less obvious choices are shortly commented. Some packages that one would expect to see removed (as hotplug or apmd) will be kept because RULE will not be used only on old hardware. The server packages in this list, like the cyrus series, are here because we assume that, while the newbie desktop user will not know or need them, the sysadmin installing a server will be expert enough to know what to add.

  • bzip2-libs: are they needed by any planned application?
  • openldap
  • dhcpcd
  • all the cyrus-sasl packages
  • krb5-libs
  • raidtools (if we had money or need for RAID we wouldn’t be here..)
  • ipchains (unless we find out we are forced to a 2.2 kernel)
  • sendmail (postfix or exim seem definitely more indicated for the newbie desktop case. Again, servers can install it later
RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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