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Notes on support for cryptography and digital signatures in RULE

What tools in these categories should RULE support and why (“support” means to make sure that they are installable with Miniconda and slinky)? Here are some semi-random thoughts and notes on this topic.


Obviously yes, at least for digital signatures. The install (or maybe the first login is better?) should key generation, and these should be immediately available from the mutt mail client: it shoud be programmed to sign (not encrypt) all outgoing email by default. Should some explanation should be added about the opportunity of not signing digitally when sending messages to mailing lists? (check legal issues about this!!)


A GPL alternative to Tripwire

FIREWALLING: iptables/xinetd

They should be preconfigured to work for the most likely SOHO situation in countries not blessed yet by ADSL and cable: for example, Internet on ppp0, maybe local trusted LAN on eth0. The result should be that, by default and without knowing anything about firewalls, a user can surf, chat, ftp, email… but NOBODY can enter the box from ppp0, all traffic on eth 0 OK.

MPORTANT: is there any firewall building tool working with iptables, and in console mode? One that doesn’t force you to have QT, GTK and some other truckload of stuff on disk?

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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