[RULE] APT, YUM or URPMI on RULE, was: Mini-KDE

James Miller jamtat at mailsnare.net
Thu Jul 29 23:25:16 EEST 2004

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Martin Stricker wrote:

> If you want to try to port slinky to Debian, or if you want to create a
> new installer for Debian, *please* do so! I will try to help you with it
> as far as my knowledge and time go, and I'm sure others on this list
> will, too.

I'm not sure I understand about porting slinky to Debian: why would that
help?  Debian's installer runs in 12MB of RAM, so RAM requirements are not
unreasonable.  Most of my Debian installs have begun with a 5 floppy set,
which is then augmented by packages downloaded from the 'net (alternately,
a CD drive can be used as package repository).  A Debianized RULE would
require two things: 1) a good knowledge of what hardware is in the target
system so the right modules can be selected during install and; 2) a list
of the packages to be installed to the system.  Once the base install
completes from the 5 floppies and the hardware is properly configured, one
would simply apt-get the other packages from the list that were to make up
the install - either from the 'net or from a CD.  Perhaps slinky would
enter in here, pre-selecting the packages required to set up the
Debianized RULE system?  Were that to occur, apt might have to be gotten
out of the way, since it might overload system resources by overinstalling
dependencies (it seems to err on the side of overinstalling).  Debian does
not appear to have any package corresponding to kdrive/xvesa/tinyx, so it
looks like cutting out X resources to enhance system performance would not
be possible using traditional Debian.  Looks like you sort of get into
reinventing the wheel by trying to Debianize RULE/RULEize Debian.


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